Red Wine

Sweet Red

Concord $9.99
Sweetest, very flavorful, full bodied

Fredonia $9.99 
Sweet, smooth, and flavorful, light finish

Sangria $11.99
Sweet refreshing natural citrus blend

Half & Half $9.99
Blend of Concord and Niagara grapes

Delilah Rose $9.99
Semi-sweet, blend of red and white grapes

Isabella $9.99 
Semi-sweet, full flavored unique taste

Pink Catawba $9.99
Semi-sweet, light bodied, distinct taste

Semi-Dry Red

Blush $9.99
Semi-dry and flavorful, Zinfandel taste

Steel City Red $11.99
Semi-dry flavorful blend of reds

Dry Red

Heritage Red $13.99 
Dry hybrid blend Burgundy Bordeaux style

Rose de Chambourcin $14.99
Semi-dry medium body peppery finish

Merlot $15.99
Dry medium body, Merlot style finish

Cabernet Sauvignon $15.99
Dry European style, distinct taste